Study in Canada 2021. Conditions & costs to study in Canada

Canada is always the choice of the majority of international students. Not only because the quality of education is always at the top of the world. But also because Canada’s immigration policy is easy after completing the study program.

So what do studying in Canada need? How to successfully study in Canada? How much does it cost to study in Canada? These are common questions of a person when starting to learn about studying in Canada. Of course, each different country will have different conditions for admission to study, Canada is no exception. Here are some essential information for you to prepare a successful Canadian study abroad application:

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Financial conditions when studying in Canada 2021

To be able to study in Canada 2021, you and your family must ensure enough money to pay all the costs while studying in Canada. Include tuition, living expenses and other fees incurred during the course of study. Documents showing your financial ability such as:

Savings book and confirmation of balance in the bank at the present time

Labor contracts, social insurance, personal income tax papers, salary statements, …

Business license, tax receipt (Within the last 6 months if parent is in business)

Certificate of ownership of house, land, vehicle, …

Successfully applying for a Canadian student visa

This is the most important thing for you to go to Canada to study or not. Documents when applying for a student visa:

Admission letter from a school in Canada

If you plan to study at any school (elementary or secondary), college, university or other educational institution in Canada, that school must complete the procedure and send you an acceptance letter. . When you apply for a visa you will need a letter of acceptance from the school.

Health conditions to study in Canada 2020-2021

This is an obvious and mandatory requirement for all international students. You must ensure your health conditions before you study abroad.

You should have a physical exam about 2 weeks before submitting your application to get an early medical examination. Avoid jeopardizing the progress of your application

Conditions English or French to study in Canada 2021

You must have a good level of English or French.

Education programs in Canada for international students are taught in 2 main languages, English and French. Programs taught in English predominate in all provinces in Canada. Meanwhile, Vietnamese international students can find programs taught mainly in French in the Quebec region. Moreover, the main language used in daily communication of Canadians is English.

Furthermore, having a language ability in English (or French) is one of the conditions for applying for a study visa. Good

English skills are an indispensable condition for you to study in Canada.

English language requirements for Canadian high school study 2021

Most high school programs do not require an English certificate like IELTS.
Students can take an English proficiency test at school before starting their official course.
If English is not enough, you will be offered a language course by the school before the official start of the course.

English language requirements for studying abroad College – University – Postgraduate Canada 2021

Depending on the school you are applying for, there will be a minimum of language proficiency that you must meet.
There are schools that require a minimum level of 5.0 or you can take the school’s test to place a language class.
However, good English is an indispensable condition for you to integrate and keep up with your study program.

Tuition fees for high school study in Canada 2021

High school programs in Canada are divided into 2 systems: public high schools and private high schools.
Tuition fees of public high schools in Canada range from 10,000 CAD / year – 15,000 CAD / year. Depending on the region and region you choose to study.

Particularly for private high schools in Canada, tuition fees range from 15,000 CAD – 25,000 CAD / school year.

You can easily find the Canadian high school scholarships. However, only private high schools have scholarships ranging from 10-50% to 100% per year. This number is really limited in quantity per year. And entry requirements are also quite strict with scores screening and direct interview with school administrators. In contrast, public high schools almost do not have scholarships to support international students.

Tuition fees for Colleges – Universities – Masters in Canada 2021

College / University: 10,000 – 30,000 CAD / year

Postgraduate: 11,000 – 30,000 CAD / year

The education, economics, and social sectors always have cheaper tuition than engineering, medicine, and architecture. And the tuition difference is also related to the area in which you want to study.

Cost of living while studying in Canada

How much does it cost to study in Canada? How to study in Canada? To answer all of the questions related to the cost of studying in Canada, we have a brief summary of the required expenses of an international student:


Housing is usually the most expensive fee an international student has to pay. The monthly payment depends on the type of housing the student chooses:

Dormitory: From $ 3,000 – $ 7,500 CAD / year

Homestay: From $ 4,800 – $ 9,600 CAD / year

Renting a house: Depending on what location you rent, suburban or central, big or small house, the price fluctuates significantly, from approximately 1000 / month to -2000 / month.

Utility costs:

This cost includes electricity, gas, water, internet … This fee falls to about $ 210 CAD / month per student.


The average cost of food is about $ 150 – $ 350 CAD / month. Reality varies depending on the lifestyle of each international student.

Travel expenses:

The monthly fare for public transport is around $ 112 CAD / month.

Students often enjoy more preferential prices. You can be assured that public transport in Canada is very modern and convenient, so you can travel by bus, train, subway … without any difficulty.

Entertainment expenses:

Of course, in addition to studying, you should not miss the opportunity to explore the unique life and culture of Canada. Occasionally go with a friend to see a good movie, visit a museum or shop … An average of $ 100- $ 300 CAD / month is enough for the basic entertainment needs of a Canadian student.

In summary, the estimated cost of studying in Canada is between $ 28,000 and $ 35,000 CAD / year including the tuition and fees mentioned above.

What subject to study in Canada?

Choosing the right course of study is one of the most important factors for every student, as it is often associated with your future career.

When studying in Canada, students can refer to the following study groups. These are all quality courses and offer many career opportunities.

Finance and business sectors: Financial management, accounting, auditing, human resource management, retail, real estate.

Service industry group: tourism, food and drink

Healthcare, social welfare: nurses, nurses, psychologists, social workers, counselors; Medical technology.

Engineering: Construction, mining, mining, transportation, energy, oil and gas, mechanics.

One interesting thing that you do not forget is that Canada is a country of two languages: English and French. So in addition to studying in Canada in English, you can also choose to study in Canada in French.

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