Scholarship to study US in 2021: Synthesize the best scholarships for international students

Renowned as the global economic, cultural, political and scientific and technical center, the United States also possesses a top education with universities dominating the quality surveys conducted by prestigious journals. made and contributed 14 and 16 universities respectively in the list of the Top 20 universities in the world of the two long-standing magazines The Time’s Higher Education and the US News & World Report. Therefore, this article gives you information about the 2021 US study abroad scholarships up to 100% of the tuition.

Summary of scholarships to study in the US 2021 bachelor level

Receive bachelor’s scholarships from top US universities: The universities in the program are ranked very high in the US education system, ensuring the quality of education, job opportunities as well as a degree. Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are valid for graduate students.

Post-graduate opportunities for up to 3 years: The new US OPT policy allows international students to stay in the US for 12- 36 months (for STEM students), ensuring real opportunities. internships and jobs for Vietnamese students, helping you to hone your knowledge, add experience and prepare yourself for an impressive portfolio.

Without SAT, ACT still enters the US Top Ranking Schools: At the top US universities, to be accepted for admission, international students are required to provide the above certificates. This has brought advantages for those who want to study bachelor’s because these certificates are not too popular with Vietnamese students, requiring a lot of effort and money to meet the scores that American universities. request.

“Get” on the 2021 US study abroad scholarships that suit your own capacity: One of the biggest advantages of this program is the scholarship of up to 100% from more than 200 top universities, helping Vietnamese students easily find a scholarship that matches their own abilities.

Opportunities to work on campus up to 20 hours / week during the academic year and 40 hours per week during the holidays: Universities in the US provide maximum opportunities for international students to find a part-time job in school, helping students have additional costs to serve life activities

Synthesis of super economical master program

Study in the US with tuition only from 5000 USD / year: The average tuition in the US usually ranges from 30,000 – 40,000 USD / year. Therefore, the tuition fee of only 12,000 USD / year of this program is considered to be quite ideal, helping Vietnamese students to reduce the cost burden of being willing to fulfill their dream of studying abroad.

Master’s scholarships of up to 50% of tuition: Not only saving tuition fees, universities in the US also offer scholarships of up to 50% to encourage those with good academic records. .

Studying in the most modern cities in the United States: All the universities in the program are located in big, dynamic cities, ensuring a modern study environment, convenient for all studying abroad. born.

There is no need for a GMAT certificate, GRE can still enter prestigious universities in the US: In the US, all students in university require GMAT, GRE certificates. However, to make it easier for Vietnamese international students to study in their study abroad journey, some US universities have exempted the GMAT, GRE for international students.

Professional learning environment, guaranteed quality: As one of the countries with the most modern education in the world, attracting international students from all over the country, American universities always guarantee the basis. material and quality education according to international standards, providing full knowledge, degrees as well as useful experiences for students during their studies.

Summary of 2021 US student scholarships to transfer 2 + 2

Save half of the time and cost of studying abroad: To reduce the burden of tuition fees and expensive living costs in the US, students can completely choose a safe option that is to study for 2 years in Vietnam. and 2-year transfer to the US. This is a program that allows students to transfer directly to the top universities with up to 60 credit transfer credits.

No need for SAT entry, ACT: These are all certificates that are not too popular with Vietnamese students, requiring a lot of effort and money to meet the score required by American universities.

Only 2 years with a prestigious bachelor’s degree in the US: A perfect choice for international students to save 2 years studying in Vietnam and still have a US standard degree.

Hunting right away 2021 US student scholarship to transfer up to 60,000 USD: Universities in the US are always ready to spend exclusive scholarships for Vietnamese students up to 60,000 USD. This is a great opportunity for those who plan to study abroad in 2021.

Summary of scholarships to study in the US 2021 paid internship programs

Co-op (Cooperative Education) Program is a paid internship program designed to give students practical work experience during formal training at the school.

The Co-op program gives students the opportunity to earn extra income while gaining career experience. The amount of wages you receive while doing internships will depend on the major you are studying and working in. In 2014, the average income of students participating in Co-op is 17.45 USD / h for the undergraduate level and 25.04 USD / h for the master’s degree. You absolutely have the opportunity to work at large corporations such as BMW, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens … with wages up to 2,500 USD / month.

Countless scholarships to study in the US 2021 ranging from 50 – 100% of tuition fee: Universities with paid internships are all strategic partners of INDEC, among the top universities in the department. Recruitment of favorite corporations such as Northeastern University, Adelphi University, University of New Hampshire, …

Study and work in a third country such as the UK, France, Australia, Mexico, Japan: The program is also a passport to help you enjoy traveling, exploring the world through job opportunities. to a third country during the period of study abroad

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